Grant na projekt „Back to School”

Miło nam poinformować, że otrzymaliśmy grant na projekt  „Back to School” w ramach funduszu wyszegradzkiego! 
Przed nam organizacja międzynarodowego seminarium, które pozwoli nam lepiej wdrażać metody edukacji pozaformlanej.
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We have been granted funds to deliver a project called „Back to school” which introduces Non-Formal Education methods to formal settings of school system.

What is the project about?

Project “Back to school” focuses on organizing a seminar on best practices of non-formal education tools being introduced to a school system. That is a first Visegrad Fund project prepared by the Regional Volunteers Centre of Kielce, Poland in cooperation with partners from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary – organisations Association to Help Children with Disabilities, MOPKA and House of knowledge. In our countries school system – formal education environment – is based on delivering much theoretical information but it lacks soft skills needed in life and on a job market.


– Strengthened cooperation among educational institutions including non-governmental organisations and schools from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic

– Increase in the volume of common non-formal educational tools – Increased sharing of best practices in the dialogue among decision-making bodies, NGOs and schools – Including various stakeholders in process of best practice sharing – NGOs, schools and decisionmakers

– Making our organisations more capable to answer local needs and prepare action plans for each partner organisations for the year 2018 – 2020 in broadening the outreach of our organisations when it comes to introducing non-formal education to the formal system. –

Explore possibilities that the Visegrad Funds gives for further cooperation including a Strategic Grant idea preparation. The project offers the equal role of partner contentwise.

This is the main activity during the project. A Seminar for 24 people and one facilitator.